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PR Card Renewal, residency requirements unmet (2022)
Lei, from Calgary

Ray and his team has done a fantastic job in successfully helping me to renew my PR card under humanitarian and compassion grounds.

My case is complicated and I wouldn’t be able to do it myself or at least it would take a way long time and a lot of hassle will be expected, which could be a failure.

Ray guided me on every step along the process and he answered all my questions I had. He is always online to help whenever I needed.

Ray closely checked all my travel records and made sure all the information is correct. I am not kidding that I had a lot of travel and it is a big job to do and Ray did it all.

Ray has also wrote literally a book, yes I meant a book, for my application that covered all the H&C grounds and evidence which convinced the officers that I deserved my PR card renewal.

I am so happy that we worked together and Ray made this happen. I highly recommend Ray to anyone who is looking for a professional to help.

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