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Temporary Residence Applications

Temporary Resident Visas, including:

  • Standard Visitor Visas

  • Business Visitor Visas

  • Parent & Grandparent Supervisas

In-Canada Extension Applications to extend your

  • Visitor Status,
  • Temporary Worker Status, and/or
  • Temporary Student Status

Restoration of Status

Study Permits

Work Permits, including:

  • LMIA-based Work Permits

  • Intra-company Transferee Work Permits

  • Owner-operator Work Permits

  • Post-graduation Work Permits


Temporary Resident Permits (for those needing to overcome inadmissibilities)

Applications to Become a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada

Permanent Residence Applications

  • Economic Classes

    • Self-employed Persons Program ​- for persons who are:

      • Self-employed in athletics or in cultural activities​

      • Participating at a world-class level in athletics or in cultural activities

    • Provincial Nominee Program, including:​

      • The entrepreneur and investor programs of BC, New Brunswick, PEI, Ontario & Quebec​

    • Start-up Visa Program

    • Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry)

    • Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry)

  • Family Classes

    • Family Class, including

      • Sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner

      • Sponsoring dependent children

      • Parents and Grandparents sponsorship program​

      • Sponsoring an orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild

      • Sponsorship of a relative (often referred to as the "Lonely Canadian Program")

    • Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class​

  • Refugee Classes

    • Application for Permanent Residence in Canada - Protected Persons and Convention Refugees

  • "Other"​ Classes

    • Humanitarian & Compassionate (H&C) Considerations

    • Permit Holder Class 

Citizenship Applications

  • Grant of Citizenship, including:

    • Seeking a waiver of the knowledge and/or language requirement​

    • Seeking a waiver of a prohibition arising from an offence committed outside Canada

    • Applying as a special case under s. 5(4) to alleviate cases of:

      • statelessness;

      • special and unusual hardship; or

      • to reward services of an exceptional value to Canada

  • Proof of Citizenship​

Hearings, Appeals & Judicial Reviews

Federal Court

  • Applying for Judicial Review of a Negative Decision from IRCC, CBSA, or the IRB

  • Mandamus Applications (requesting that the court orders IRCC or CBSA make a decision on an overdue application)

  • Stay of Removal (requesting that the court orders the suspension of your removal from Canada

Immigration & Refugee Board

  • Immigration Division & Immigration Appeal Division

    • Admissibility Hearings

    • Appeal of a Sponsorship Refusal

    • Appeal of a Removal Order

    • Appeal of a Residency Obligation Decision

  • Refugee Protection Division & Refugee Appeal Division

    • Refugee Claim Hearings

    • Refugee Claim Cessation Proceedings

    • Refugee Claim Vacation Proceedings

    • Refugee Claim Appeal Proceedings

    • Reopening a Claim or Appeal

Other Immigration Services

Services for Other Counsel

  • Legal Opinion Letters (for example, providing a criminal lawyer with a letter setting out the immigration consequences for each of the various sentencing options)

Other IRCC Matters

  • Responding to a Procedural Fairness Letter

  • Request for Reconsideration of a Negative Decision

  • Applying for Criminal Rehabilitation

  • Applying for Authorization to Return to Canada

  • IRCC Applications for those already a Permanent Resident or Citizen:

    • Applying to Renew a Permanent Resident Card

    • Applying for a Permanent Resident Travel Document, including:

      • Requesting humanitarian and compassionate relief of a residency obligation breach​

    • Responding to a PR or Citizenship Residency Questionnaire 

    • Passport Applications

    • Facilitation Visa Application

    • Apply to Renounce Your Permanent Resident Status

    • Apply to Renounce Your Citizenship Status

  • Refugee Travel Document Applications

  • Requesting a copy of your records at IRCC

CBSA Matters

  • Applying for Ministerial Relief

  • Requesting a Deferral of Removal

  • Responding to Requests from CBSA (such as a request for submissions on why CBSA should not seek a removal order)

  • Requesting a copy of your records at CBSA

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