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Lo & Associates is a law firm that takes pride in exclusively practicing immigration law.
We represent clients from all over the world on Canadian immigration applications. As a law firm, we are also authorized to represent you in disputing your immigration decision at the Canadian courts. 
Our successes on both application cases & litigation cases give us a wealth of experience to draw upon to effectively handle your immigration needs.


At Lo & Associates, your case will be handled by professionals who are licensed to practice law by the Law Society of Ontario.

Temporary Resident

Visas, Permits & Extensions




We represent people outside of Canada on their applications to visit, study, and work in Canada. We also represent people already in Canada on their applications to extend their visitor, student and worker statuses. Our successes include representing

clients who were previously refused, deported, found inadmissible, or denied entry at the border.

Immigrate to Canada



We have helped people immigrate under all of the categories of permanent residence applications (economic class, family class, & refugee class, as well as humanitarian & compassionate applications). Our experience in handling all categories of PR applications allows us to help you identify your most promising path to living in Canada.

Hearings, Appeals, & Judicial Reviews



We have successfully represented clients at the Federal Court and at all divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Mr. Lo's litigation experience includes having appeared at the Immigration and Refugee Board as the Minister's Counsel prior to his current career as an immigration lawyer.

Inadmissibilities, Exclusions & Eligibility Issues




Lo & Associates does not shy away from taking on complex or challenging cases.

We have successfully addressed admissibility and eligibility concerns raised in procedural fairness letters, at interviews, and at hearings. We have also successfully addressed exclusion & other barriers to being found a Convention refugee. 

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